new stuff 2015

heres some of the new things I've been working on for the last few months.


in the first gallery you will find shots of the show i curated at the asheville area arts council. please click on the photo to look at the next image.


First things first. None of this would have been possible without the help, inspiration, and support of Kyle Sherard and his amazing literary skills, Zen Sutherland and Colby Rabon for sharing their photography with us for the show, Gus, Ish, Ted, Molly, Patch, Trek and Lizzie; Kitty, Jenny, Tom, Johanna and Jen at the Arts Council, Will and Nic at Henco's, All of our friends outside of Asheville who help us on our painting outings, including, but not limited to Josh Kohn in Miami, Meres and Marie from 5Pointz, Joe from the Bushwick collective, Derek Weaver from the Grand River Creative Corridor in Detroit, Matt Hutton, Geoff Richardson from CHART in Charleston, Lois Stavsky at StreetArt NYC, George and Bobby from Jacksonville, Don Rimx, Monica from Living Walls, Martha C, Shane from Artwhino, Wallace from Paint Memphis, Audrok tm, Tim, Sabrina, Josh, and Lisa at the Desoto, Bill at the Satellite, Melt FTK, Gyser, Topper, Ish for his photos all the other photographers who is work I did not properly credit (I'm sorry and thank you,) Rob at Forever Tattoo, Static Age Records, Rebecca Euceda, Megan and Guillermo in Miami, the Prospect, BJ's in West Asheville, Z for fixing my electronics, Jeremy Russell for all the inspiration and help, Gabe Aucott, Daas, Alex from PBR, Ananda, Larry at Ananda, Trevor, Sean, Corey, Rhianna and Brian at the Boys and Girls Club, Mike at Blind Pig, Ted at Broadways, Yuki, Priti, Abhi, Suraj, Alok, Shashank, Prajwol, Prash, Aditya, Sanat, Kiran, Hera, and Akut at Kolor Kathmandu, the guys at Brooklyn Street Art, Chris Dyer, Megan Kelly, Thigpen (rip), Alli Good, Erin Hardy, Elizabeth and Greg at Gris Gallery, Everyone we just met in Nashville and Memphis, Robin Grearson, J Hardcastle,  and Zev D in NYC. This exhibition and catalogue don’t really scratch the surface of our collective experience painting and interacting with the outside world, but it might give you a glimpse into what it’s like for each of us traveling, meeting new people, painting in the elements.