New Work opens July 1st at The Satellite Gallery


New Work by Dustin Spagnola

at The Satellite Gallery

55 Broadway St. Asheville, NC 28801

Opening Reception Friday July 1 at 6 pmst


Artist statement
New work

This new body of work focuses on imagery from my personal collection of photographs featuring family and friends and explores the people, places, and images that have had a profound impact and personal relevance in my life and my development as an artist. This body of work explores the medium of oil on canvas.

Burners and BBQ

Here's the zombie that I painted for burners and BBQ last week. Patch Whisky and Megan Kelly painted on the left and Jon Graham painted the flames on the right.  In ASHEVILLE at the old days warehouse which is really ASHEVILLE waste paper on Lyman by the foundation and river view station. So many awesome people and great artists around all weekend. Thanks everyone!

 Patch Whiskymonster, with some Megan Kelly circle mandalas around it.

Patch Whiskymonster, with some Megan Kelly circle mandalas around it.

in process on day 2. check out jon on the ladder coming out of that nasty ass lake. and take note of the palletts that he used to make a walkway.


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Closing Reception at 474 Gallery Studio. Asheville NC Art.

Closing Reception at 474 Gallery Studio.

(474 Haywood Road, Suite 102. Asheville, NC 28806)

Show runs through October and November with Closing Reception on:

Saturday November 14th 1-4pm

Sunday November 15th 1-4pm


Featuring work by:

Anna Jenson

Stephen Lange

Ted Harper

Alli Good

Jon Graham

Megan Kelly

Nathanael Roney

Jade Napier

Matthew Good

Ian Wilkenson

Adam Strange

Kathryn Crawford

Joshua Spiceland

Jeremy Russell

Selena Mecho

Jen Toledo

Rob Hunt

Severn Eaton

Court McCracken

Leif Erik Johansen

Topper William Holiday

Dustin Spagnola


The Visual Art scene in the Asheville, NC is diverse as the artists and craftsmen who helped create it. The Fall Group Show looks at a cross section of that scene — one that begins here in West Asheville, stretches up and down the River Arts District and back into Downtown Asheville.


“I want to tell a story about the visual artists who live and work in Asheville. These are the artists I have come to know as innovators, charging ahead with their own unique visions. These are the people that have supported and challenged the art scene in Asheville, NC as I know it.” says curator Dustin Spagnola.


Each of the artists featured in the Fall Invitational have called Asheville and Buncombe Co. home as they’ve steadily ventured into new visual territory.  While these artists may represent only a portion of a much bigger scene, their collective impact is easily traceable in Asheville.



Fall Exhibition at 474 Gallery Studio

Fall invitational opening reception featuring some of Asheville's best artists.
featuring work by
Nathanael Roney - Matthew S. Good - Adam Strange - Joshua Spiceland - Jeremy Russell - Topper William Holiday - Leif Erik Johansen - Court McCracken - Severn Somerville Eaton - Rob W Hunt - Jen Toledo - Selena Rose Mecho - Stephen Louis Lange - Kathryn Crawford - Anna Jensen - Ian Wilkinson - Jade Christopher Napier - Megan Kelly - Ted HarperDustin Spagnola

Friday October 23 from 6-8pm.

474 Haywood Road, Suite 102. Asheville, NC 28806

 anna jenson

anna jenson

 anna jenson

anna jenson

 selena mecho

selena mecho

 selena mecho   

selena mecho


 megan kelly

megan kelly

 kathryn crawford

kathryn crawford

 dustin spagnola

dustin spagnola

Bushwick Collective


Here's some photos from the trip to New York that I took with Patch Whisky and Matt Hutton a.k.a. ghost beard. We had a really good time painting and got to paint at the Bushwick collective on The corner of Troutman and wyckoff.  got to catch up with some old friends and art acquaintances like Zev and Albert and Jeff,  Meres and Marie,  Joe and warren, pixel and Daniel, zerks and grey... all in all good times. And big thanks to bishop.

The wall

19 Wyckoff  ave

Brooklyn ny 11237



 Figure study on the corner of wyckoff and troutman

Figure study on the corner of wyckoff and troutman

 Ghost beard and patch whisky

Ghost beard and patch whisky

 5 points crew at low brow artique, patch whisky opening reception

5 points crew at low brow artique, patch whisky opening reception

 Zev outside his studio

Zev outside his studio

new stuff 2015

heres some of the new things I've been working on for the last few months.


in the first gallery you will find shots of the show i curated at the asheville area arts council. please click on the photo to look at the next image.


First things first. None of this would have been possible without the help, inspiration, and support of Kyle Sherard and his amazing literary skills, Zen Sutherland and Colby Rabon for sharing their photography with us for the show, Gus, Ish, Ted, Molly, Patch, Trek and Lizzie; Kitty, Jenny, Tom, Johanna and Jen at the Arts Council, Will and Nic at Henco's, All of our friends outside of Asheville who help us on our painting outings, including, but not limited to Josh Kohn in Miami, Meres and Marie from 5Pointz, Joe from the Bushwick collective, Derek Weaver from the Grand River Creative Corridor in Detroit, Matt Hutton, Geoff Richardson from CHART in Charleston, Lois Stavsky at StreetArt NYC, George and Bobby from Jacksonville, Don Rimx, Monica from Living Walls, Martha C, Shane from Artwhino, Wallace from Paint Memphis, Audrok tm, Tim, Sabrina, Josh, and Lisa at the Desoto, Bill at the Satellite, Melt FTK, Gyser, Topper, Ish for his photos all the other photographers who is work I did not properly credit (I'm sorry and thank you,) Rob at Forever Tattoo, Static Age Records, Rebecca Euceda, Megan and Guillermo in Miami, the Prospect, BJ's in West Asheville, Z for fixing my electronics, Jeremy Russell for all the inspiration and help, Gabe Aucott, Daas, Alex from PBR, Ananda, Larry at Ananda, Trevor, Sean, Corey, Rhianna and Brian at the Boys and Girls Club, Mike at Blind Pig, Ted at Broadways, Yuki, Priti, Abhi, Suraj, Alok, Shashank, Prajwol, Prash, Aditya, Sanat, Kiran, Hera, and Akut at Kolor Kathmandu, the guys at Brooklyn Street Art, Chris Dyer, Megan Kelly, Thigpen (rip), Alli Good, Erin Hardy, Elizabeth and Greg at Gris Gallery, Everyone we just met in Nashville and Memphis, Robin Grearson, J Hardcastle,  and Zev D in NYC. This exhibition and catalogue don’t really scratch the surface of our collective experience painting and interacting with the outside world, but it might give you a glimpse into what it’s like for each of us traveling, meeting new people, painting in the elements.

New Work Captain Pabst and a Train

New Work this month includes a mural of Captain Pabst for PBR at Broadways in Downtown Asheville, NC. And I also had the pleasure of painting a locomotive right in my neighborhood, on Haywood Road in West Asheville. Big Round of thanks goes to Matt, Ted, Alex, Megan, Lucho, Trevor, and Jeremy. Couldn't have done it without you.

new captain past mural for pbr.

Punk Politics

 photo by michelle brecher   

photo by michelle brecher



Punk Politics: The Street Art of Spagnola

North Carolina-based muralist Spagnola explains how the Sex Pistols and heads of state have inspired him.

By James Buxton

Spagnola — a superb street artist from Asheville, North Carolina — is the guy behind the meme “Bush Holding the Obama Mask” around Wynwood, Miami. A successful contemporary visual artist, he’s been featured in shows all over the U.S. And last year, he took part in the Kolor Kathamandu project, where he painted with a number of Nepalese artists to create 75 public works of art. His work combines an anarchic energy with a political edge. We asked Spagnola how politics and punk rock have fueled his work.

Why is a lot of your work, like “Bush Holding the Obama Mask,” highly political?
Spagnola: I believe that, as an artist, I have the responsibility to express my opinions when creating public work. I feel like it’s more important to paint things that make us think, than to just paint images that are pretty. I know a lot of artists paint for an other artist’s sake or to impress other people and to show how skilled they are. I tend to paint for the casual viewer with the idea being that somebody who wouldn’t otherwise walk into a gallery might see an image that I’ve created.


One of your pieces depicts the four previous American presidents as punks. What was your motivation behind that work?
It’s really in homage to my major influences, which would be punk rock and, conversely, the other artists who created those images first. Barry Plumber took a photograph of the Sex Pistols in the late ’70s, early ’80s — that’s where the source image comes from. Gee voucher of Crass, the punk band, took Barry Plumber’s image and re-created it with the Pope, Lady Liberty, Margaret Thatcher and the Queen. What I’m doing is paying homage these two other artists and the images that they’ve created, and made it my own. The title of that Crass album that showcased the image was Who Do They Think They’re Fooling; You? These are my sentiments about the Presidents of the United States, and politicians in general.


What got you into painting on the streets?
I was into graffiti when I was younger. And in 2007 and 2010 I went to Miami for [Art] Basel for the first time and was really impressed with most of the large-scale work that I saw down there. This is what got me into painting publicly.

You also paint a lot of tigers. Why this animal, in particular?
One day, I just woke up with the desire to paint a tiger. One of the reasons why I enjoy painting tigers is because of their expressiveness. There are not a lot of content or messages attached to them, other than the idea of the wild and the unknown.


How does the context of your work affect the content?
I tend to have a few different ideas before I approach a wall. Once I get there — and I see the physical space and meet the people attached to it — I get a better idea of what I want to do, what is appropriate for the space.

How about the city?
When I was in Detroit last I almost got hit by a large SUV almost veering off the road while I was looking at the wall. When I was in New York painting the rooftop of 5 Pointz, I got to meet Marley Marl, Just, G Wiz, and a wide array of artists and writers who are extremely influential to me. In general, when I am traveling and painting, there is a small group of people I tend to work with. These people are close to me — our shared experience is always the thing that really defines the trip. Big shout-outs to Ishmael, Patch Whisky, Molly Rose Freeman and Gus Cutty [a.k.a. Gus Is Rich], Daas, Trek6, Chor Boogie, Stefan Ways, Fred Caron, Mona Caron, Jason Botkin [a.k.a. En Masse], Never, Paper Frank, and all the other awesome people I’ve gotten to paint alongside.


Can you tell us a little bit about the scene in Asheville?
The scene is awesome. There are a lot of really talented artists here — and not a lot of ego, which is really great. I’m really happy I get to live here.


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A little Media Coverage

Back in 2012, Artist Dustin Spagnola works on the portrait of Bob Moog that adorns the Moog Music Inc. factory building on Broadway in downtown Asheville. Moog Music will host Moogfest 2014 in April, which has the potential to put Asheville on par with Austin, Texas, and its South-by-Southwest festival

back in 2012

To #CelebrateBob on what would have been his his 78th birthday, Moog Music commissioned a larger-than-life mural of Dr. Moog for their factory in Asheville, NC. The mural was created by local Asheville artist, Dustin Spagnola. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB! Love, your family at Moog.