Closing Reception at 474 Gallery Studio. Asheville NC Art.

Closing Reception at 474 Gallery Studio.

(474 Haywood Road, Suite 102. Asheville, NC 28806)

Show runs through October and November with Closing Reception on:

Saturday November 14th 1-4pm

Sunday November 15th 1-4pm


Featuring work by:

Anna Jenson

Stephen Lange

Ted Harper

Alli Good

Jon Graham

Megan Kelly

Nathanael Roney

Jade Napier

Matthew Good

Ian Wilkenson

Adam Strange

Kathryn Crawford

Joshua Spiceland

Jeremy Russell

Selena Mecho

Jen Toledo

Rob Hunt

Severn Eaton

Court McCracken

Leif Erik Johansen

Topper William Holiday

Dustin Spagnola


The Visual Art scene in the Asheville, NC is diverse as the artists and craftsmen who helped create it. The Fall Group Show looks at a cross section of that scene — one that begins here in West Asheville, stretches up and down the River Arts District and back into Downtown Asheville.


“I want to tell a story about the visual artists who live and work in Asheville. These are the artists I have come to know as innovators, charging ahead with their own unique visions. These are the people that have supported and challenged the art scene in Asheville, NC as I know it.” says curator Dustin Spagnola.


Each of the artists featured in the Fall Invitational have called Asheville and Buncombe Co. home as they’ve steadily ventured into new visual territory.  While these artists may represent only a portion of a much bigger scene, their collective impact is easily traceable in Asheville.