3rd and 4th murals in miami.

 this guitarist is what we finished on sunday. started on saturday
the bam wall was started on friday. i painted the character friday afternoon and saturday morning. ish helped me with the fill in. these letters are huge. scott, ishmael, and patch painted them. 
the scale of the wall is hard to percieve from the photo. the black line on the bottom is about 12 feet tall.

"the godfather of rocknroll"

i designed this mostly. scott painted the hair. patch painted the guitar body. we all painted the rest together.

i got to paint most of the girl. ish did the flower in her hair, the fading on her body, and almost al of the back ground. scott did the big sunfower in the middle. i painted the flowers on wither side. what a great experience to collaborate on a wall this large (27 feet tall).