Painting@Kulture Klash and Live Video Stream Projection to The Re:Happening Sat, April 9th.

On Saturday April 9th I will be painting at Kulture Klash in Charleston, SC and my painting will be streamed live to Black Mountain College for The Re:Happening.

Re:Happening Videos

Kulture Klash V from Jewell&Ginnie on Vimeo.

Black Mountain College, a school founded in 1933 in Black Mountain, North Carolina, was a new kind of college in the United States in which the study of art was seen to be central to a liberal arts education, and in which John Dewey's principles of education played a major role. Many of the school's students and faculty were influential in the arts or other fields, or went on to become influential. Although notable even during its short life, the school closed in 1957 after only 24 years. [1]

The SEVENTH installment of the much anticipated Kulture Klash Arts Festival is just around the corner.
Kulture Klash Arts Festival, which descended upon Charleston in a storm of artistic fury as the area's first festival focusing on contemporary, outside-of-the-box art, announces the eagerly awaited Kulture Klash 7 (KK7) to take place on Saturday, April 9, 2011 at The Navy Yard @ Noisette, 10 Storehouse Row, North Charleston, South Carolina from 7pm until 2am.  As always, participants can expect high-energy, music, dance and art.  Maintaining their firm commitment to a fresh approach, KK7 curators and organizers are planning a series of performances and installations never before seen.  

With water as the central theme, KK7 will feature over 50 artists, including the return of Carl James, along with Nathan Durfee, Badjon, SHT!, Proton, Scott Debus, and more, each utilizing a variety of creative mediums.  In addition to art for sale, the show will feature artist interpretations of the quintessential Surf Shack.   Performances include “darkness, light” 6 piece dance collaboration between choreographer Gretchen Mclaine and sculptor Lauren Francis Moore and a live wakeboard demonstration provided by Chuck and Chalice and sponsored by Rebootizer.  Sounds provided by the Dubplates, Red Super Giant, Yacht Rock Dance Party with Cassidy & the Kid, MJ12, DJ Skitch, CPO Gents, Dicktracey, and a special surprise musical guest.
Beer, wine, and non-alcoholic thirst quenches are available from New Belgium Brewery and Social Wine Bar. Sample tasty treats from the Little Blue Brunch Truck, Roti Rolls and Annabell's. Sound and lighting provided by Big Hair Productions and Visuals provided by Alex Rosen. 

Thanks to our sponsorsNew Belgium Brewery
Mixson, Iron Lotus Studios, The Navy Yard at Noisette, Big Hair Productions, Charleston City Paper, Social Wine Bar, ICE BOX and Vapor Apparel.

A portion of the proceeds to benefit Surfrider & Redux Contemporary Art Center.

April 9th, 2011 
10 Storehouse Row
in the Navy Yard at Noisette
Art viewing from 1pm-4pm
Adolfo H. Alvarado
Ginger Andersen
Oscar Arango
badjon aka Jon Stout
Mat Brady
Brian Bustos
Micheline Callicott
Paul Christina
Seth Corts
Ryan Cronin
Bart Cusick
Anson Cyr
Scott Debus
Joshua delMas
Shannon Di
Chris Dotson
Sharon Dowell
Nathan Durfee
Nigel Esser
Matthew Foreman
Rebecca Fraser
Abdullah Freeman
Sarah Frierson
William Goodman
John Hairston
Patrick Harris
Kevin Harrison
Sarah Haynes
Camela Guevara
Jeremy Hedges
Mollie Howey
Chad Jackson
Joanna Jackson
Briana Cooper Jacobs
Carl Janes
El Kamino
Chuck Keppler
Sean Kernick
Harrison Langley
Jenna Lyles
Hirona Matsuda
Bill Mead
Kevin Morrissey
Karen Ann Myers
Dorothy Netherland
Joseph W. Nienstedt
Karin Olah
Timothy Pakron
Joel Parker
Scott Partridge
Drew Pedersen
Nate Phelps
Jamie Powers
John Pundt
Rachel Raab
Jose Ray
Meta Sapient
Mathew Schrock
Daniel Scoggins
Lisa Shimko
Tim Showers
Jason Smith
Shelley Smith
Dustin Spagnola
Cyle Suesz
Thomas Sweeney
Ben Timpson
Joel Tracey
Scott Wallace
Trever Webster
Sean Williams
Patch Whisky
Junius Wright